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"The British are Coming" on Oct. 25

Monday, October 20, 2014 2:47 PM | Chelsea Tipton

I am so excited to be working with Ron White, who has been a member of the SOST for a very long time. What is amazing is that after I had been working with the orchestra here in Beaumont for three years, Ron and I were sitting next to each other playing a gig at a local church and we started talking and realized we were at the same band camp, in the same clarinet section and in the same concert band up in Michigan back in 1981!  We could not believe the coincidence and that it took us three years of working together until we realized this fact. Ron's training on the clarinet is really top-notch having studied with some of the biggest names in the clarinet world. The Mozart Clarinet Concerto is a piece that is near and dear to my heart as a clarinetist.  It was one of Mozart's last compositions and shows his absolute mastery and how he was light years ahead of any of his contemporaries at the time. A true masterpiece.

We will also explore three of the most prominent English composers: Boyce, Handel and Elgar.  This will be a concert where you may want to have a spot of tea before attending, Earl Grey being my personal favorite!

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