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"SOST Goes to the Movies"

Monday, February 16, 2015 4:15 PM | Chelsea Tipton

I have always had a passion for pops music, especially movie music.  It adds so much to the stories and images on screen.  We have an amazing program to share with our community on February 21 in our Pops Concert this year.  Not only will there be great music from the most memorable classic and blockbuster movies, but there will be images to accompany the music.

Think about some of your favorite movies, many times there are melodies and tunes associated with the film.  The first film score composer that I fell in love with was John Williams.  His music just captured my imagination and still does.  We also have some John Williams compositions on this concert with music from Harry Potter and the movie "1941".  Other wonderful selections include, The Pink Panther, Rocky, Moon River and so many more. 

This is a great concert for families to come out, enjoy and take a ride with us down memory lane through movies.

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